Wedding Industry Taps Craft Beer Craze

True lovers of beer are serving up brews at their nuptials. Would you?
Brewing Weddings

Photo Modified: Flickr/Gavin St. Ours

Craft beer may be the new drink of choice at weddings.

Some think beer should be kept out of weddings, like the whole town that got riled up by a New Zealand bride swigging a beer before walking down the aisle. But stateside, craft beer may be the new drink of choice at weddings.

Local beers, beer flights, and craft beers are becoming more the norm at weddings, reports the Associated Press. Anja Winikka, site editor of, told the AP she's noticed more beer-themed wedding receptions in the last two years. "What you're seeing is that instead of the signature cocktail — like the fruity, weird martini thing that a lot of people were doing five, 10 years ago — couples are saying, 'That's not really our style, so were going to do a beer flight at our cocktail hour,'" Winikka said.

And even brewers are starting to respond: Brewer's Alley in Maryland now sells a "Wedding Alt," a German-style ale that can be personalized for the couple. Even Sam Adams has begun offering a "Brewlywed Ale." 

Whether beer, champagne, or cocktails, we can all raise a toast to a happy couple and wedding, right? And hey, if you're nowhere near walking down the aisle, just remember: your beer choice says a lot to a date. 


(Photo Modified: Flickr/Gavin St. Ours)