Ways To Say Thank You With Food

Showing gratitude is a manners must, especially this time of year. Whether you're saying thanks for a physical gift, rewarding love and support, or just want to recognize someone's hard work (like when your friends helped you move your furniture from one place to the next), you need to show your appreciation in a significant way.

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Sure, you could give the gift-giver verbal thanks, a handwritten note, an email, or even a shout-out on social media, but it's so much nicer to personalize your gratitude.

Food gifts are a warm way to say thanks and provide an indulgent treat for someone who has done right by you. Food represents comfort, love, and can showcase your appreciation.

Thanking a friend or family member with a homemade food dish like cookies or jam is a nice gesture, as is a purchased food item like wine, coffee, or a gourmet basket.

The founder of  The Clean Dish, who goes only by 'Rose,' often expresses her thanks with homemade foods.

"There is no better way to say 'thank you' than with lovingly prepared food, which shows someone's sincere appreciation," she says. She once sent jar cake to her partner, who was serving in Afghanistan. "That was one of the most memorable gifts to him and my way to thank him for everything he does for us!"

Chef Charles Webb a personal chef at  Chicago' Avanti Gourmet Catering loves to say thanks by preparing a personalized dish. He focuses on making the recipient's favorite entrée or dessert. The finishing touch? "The little extras, like packaging or accompanying a small gift, like a wine pairing, is a win," he says.

Chef Ashley Tarver, whose company Copper Pot Kitchen makes infused olive oils, knows the value of showing thanks. "I am Southern, born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama," she says. "Saying thank you with food is just how we do things around here."

Whether you gift a casserole or artisanal foods, Tarver reminds gift givers, "It is a thank you, so nothing you thank the person with should require any work on their end, ever!"

 Champagne or Wine


Cheers to a bubbly cocktail! A bottle of Champagne or wine is a welcome gift for many people. Make sure you include a note explaining why you specifically chose this bottle for them.

Brownies or Cookies


If the person you're thanking has a sweet tooth, consider brownies or cookies. You could send gourmet versions or make some on your own. 

Here's a look at more food gifts that'll satisfy your need to say thanks and the recipient's taste buds.