Watch a Woman Chop an Onion on a New York City Subway

'Don't worry, dinner will be ready when you get home'

Still From the Video

In addition to a subway fight, this is one scene you probably don't want to see on a rocky subway. Here we have a woman chopping an onion with a gigantic knife, on a gigantic cutting board, on the very shaky Queens-bound N train in New York City.

Not only is the N train one of the most difficult to balance on (it makes a screeching turn in the middle of Manhattan), but subways are also so dirty, people have woken up with rats on their faces.

Of course, New Yorkers being New Yorkers, no one really pays any attention to the woman (who, as it turns out, is a performance artist). Only the onion-chopper herself tears up, dumping the chopped onions in her bag before exiting. She even gets on her hands and knees to clean up her mess, something we would never dare to do.

Watch below (but it's pretty stagnant throughout).