Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the Son of the 'Most Interesting Man in the World'

The heir to the Dos Equis beer empire is well, interesting, on SNL

Joseph Gordon Levitt is hawking "Tres Equis."

Well, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was no Magic Mike in this skit, but we did always wonder what the world's second most interesting man would be like. 

During his hosting stint on Saturday Night Live, Gordon-Levitt plays the heir to the "Most Interesting Man in the World" Dos Equis empire. (After all, there's no way the Dos Equis king didn't have some interesting ladies around.) What makes the son so interesting? A white belt in karate, his "generous" tips to waiters (in negative amounts), multiple Twitter parody accounts, and his "Tres Equis" beer — that's one equis more than Dos Equis. (Do you think he also supports Obama?)

 The best part is when he gets scolded by his father (Jason Sudeikis), for obvious reasons. Check out the skits below.