Watch Brad Pitt Eat Vegemite for the First Time

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He just dips in his fingers and goes straight for the kill
Brad Pitt Eats Vegemite | Video
The Guardian

So apparently Brad Pitt has never had Vegemite before (not to mention, Australian Vegemite), so when the stud muffin was in Australia promoting his latest movie World War Z, some Australian morning news people decided to have him give it a try. First mistake: They were on a boat.

Considering some kids' initial reaction to Vegemite (see this video here), we almost expected a more expressive reaction to the savory spread, a favorite of folks in Britain and Australia. Then again, Brad Pitt is a pro.

Watch snippets of the interview below as Pitt goes for the kill, dipping his finger into the jar and tasting Australia's favorite spread without any bread. He reasons, "I can see how that can work on like a cracker, bread." Also, he is adorably distracted by the view of the Sydney Opera House.

And here, a side-by-side comparison of Brad Pitt's stone-cold reaction and this adorable little girl's reaction to their first tastes of Vegemite.

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