Watch Kids React to Anchovies, Pickled Onions in Slow Motion

They do not look pleased

We all have our horror stories of the first time we ate a particularly challenging food (some involve black olives on pizzas, others involve Warheads), but our parents were hardly camera-savvy enough to capture our initial reactions.

Grub Street tips us off to this adorable and epic video from TED showcasing kids eating foods like anchovies and Vegemite in slow motion, meaning you can relive your first experiences by watching the reactions unfold slowly on screen. There's a kid who really doesn't like anchovies, another who pretty much drops pickled onion and bread from his mouth, and an adorable little girl who may be scared for life from her experience with Vegemite. On the bright side, yogurt seems to be a crowd-pleaser.

The video, made especially for TEDxSydney this year, was filmed in high speed by Saatchi & Saatchi, and is a quick intro to how taste buds develop over time. Or at least, we hope the kids learn to love some of these foods. Anchovies are delicious, after all.