Watch a Band Perform After 20, 40, and 80 Beers

Moones decided to shoot their music video for 'Better Energy' while downing beers like no other

Honestly, sometimes we think we write better with a beer in hand, but after 20 or so we would probably be done for the day and on the struggle bus. So props to indie band Moones for pulling this off.

The U.K. band debuted the music video for "Better Energy" by making a "Drunk in Session," in which the band performs their latest song completely sober, then after 20 beers, then after another 20, and another until they reach 80 beers (split between the band, of course). As expected, the performances get sloppier and sloppier, the performers get drunker and drunker, and by the end of it the poor guys are so wasted they had to get a chair for the lead singer.

Watch the shenanigans below and applaud the band for their perseverance. If it were some of us, we'd call it quits by beer number six (and then lie down for a nap). Do not try at home, as drinking tons of beer isn't particularly safe, and definitely isn't good for your liver.