Vivino Wine App Helps You Choose a Better Bottle

Finally! A wine app for those who aren't oenophiles
The Everyman’s Wine App

Photo Modified: Flickr/GregPye

Picking a bottle of wine just got a lot easier, thanks to the app Vivino.

Are you the type of wine drinker who enjoys the occasional bottle, can tell the good from the bad, but doesn’t quite know the difference between your merlot and your chardonnay? Well, there’s now an app for that. A new smartphone app, Vivino, lets you take photo of the wines you love (or the ones you hate) and then makes suggestions on the specific wines you might enjoy. If you’ve found that most wine apps out there require too much knowledge, or take too much time to get acquainted with, this new app will help you demystify which wine will impress your dinner guests.

Vivino has a catalogue of over 500,000 wines, so there’s a good chance that the one you liked with the pretty label will already be in the database. If the white wine you hated at the restaurant you went to on Tuesday night isn’t on the list, then feel free to take a photo. The unknown wine will be sent to a real-live human (not a robot) before being catalogued into the database. If you enjoy rating and reviewing your wines, you’re welcome to do so, but the app doesn’t require that you share your feelings with the world.

The whole process, scanning, and recommending takes roughly thirty seconds, so you won’t be left lingering in the aisles of the liquor store. If you're armed with you smartphone, then walking the supermarket wine aisles just got a whole lot easier.


(Photo Modified: Flickr/GregPye)