VIDEO: A Cinco de Mayo Tequila Pairing Dinner

Jose Cuervo’s brand ambassador, Chris Miano, talks tequila and dinner for May 5
How to Pair Tequila With Dinner

Cinco de Mayo is officially upon us!

While many of us already have purchased our avocados and sombreros, let’s not forget the most important factor, the tequila. If we’re going to ring in the May 5 the right way, we need to be properly equipped, right? 

To help us prepare, The Daily Meal’s video producer, Ali Rosen, sat down with Chris Miano, brand ambassador for Jose Cuervo. It sounds like we’re going in the right direction here. In this video, Miano shares that his idea of kicking off Cinco de Mayo is to do it in a three-course pairing.

According to Miano, pairing tequila is very similar to pairing wine, and when doing so you have to consider the flavor notes in each variation in order to decipher which tequila works with which dish.

Starting off with an appetizer, Miano suggests pairing the Jose Cuervo Platino, a white tequila, with a pomegranate or mango guacamole because of its heavily organic flavor.




Continuing onto the main course, Miano explains that Jose Cuervo Tradicional, an oaky, smoky sip, would work best with a grilled piece of flank steak or carne asada. The smokiness of the meat will embrace the essence of the tequila 




For dessert (as always the best for last), is a four- to 10-year barrel-aged tequila called Jose Cuervo Extra Anejo. Its complex, caramel hints work hand in hand with a smooth, silky flan or dulce de leche. The man knows his tequila, that’s for sure. If you’re now hungry or thirsty, you’re welcome!



Happy partying!