Victrola Coffee Roasters: the new destination for hipsters and coffee lovers


When walking in, one is instantly hit with the smell of delicious coffee. Victorla Coffee Roasters is located on Pike St. in the heart of Seattle. It is a hidden treasure, but a worthwhile coffee shop to check out. According to their website, their name comes from the home phonograph of the 1920s that was called the Victrola. They opened the first shop in 2000 and have since opened two other locations. They pride themselves on knowing everything they can about the coffee they serve and educating the community so that they know what they are drinking.

The walls inside their Pike location are made of bricks that look like they have been there for forever. They are adorned with vibrant and colorful paintings of animals and scenery. On the right hand side is another room that is walled off, but you can look inside to see the black machine that is used to roast the coffee beans. It looks like a oversized mixer that could probably make thousands of cookies if that was what it was actually used for.

Photo by Kailla Coomes

The walls are lined with wooden benches that are not very comfortable, but are filled with people. In the middle of the room is a communal table that has more than 10 chairs for people to gather around. There is constant chatter and many laptops with focused minds staring at them.

The drink I had was a chai  latte. It took a while to make, but I could see that the barista was actually straining leaves to make the chai instead of using the pre-made kind. The drink came in a plain white cup and saucer. The smell was nothing short of delectable and the taste was on an entirely different level. It wasn’t too sweet or spicy and it was well worth the wait. The first sip was the same as the last; it had me wishing that I had ordered a larger size.

Photo by Kailla Coomes

Victorla is a place not to miss. It is unlike your ordinary coffee shop and gives Starbucks a run for its money. It’s quaint and delightful, plus the taste of their drinks is sure to make anyone want more.

Photo by Kailla Coomes

Location: 310 E Pike St. Seattle, WA

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 630am-8pm, Sat-Sun: 730am-8pm

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