A Vegetarian Super Bowl Party

There is no need for non-meat eaters to miss out on game day.


The Super Bowl provides an opportunity for football lovers and non-football lovers alike to come together over hearty, home-style, often Mexican or Southwestern-style food — food that is heavy and “manly.” This means that the Super Bowl is easily pegged as a meat-centric occasion, a time for all those “bro-ed” out foodies to buy six pounds of pork butt and have at it.

Yet, there are also many perfectly serviceable vegetarian options out there, if you happen to be a bro who does not eat meat. For example, Phoebe hosted a chili cook-off two years ago, at which her vegetarian chili beat out the meaty stuff and took home the glory. Try it out yourself this Super Bowl season, along with this bunch of our vegetarian favorites, perfect for a long afternoon of footballin’.


Black Bean Cakes with Mango-Lime Crema

These small bites are as satisfying as any meaty appetizer. The crema on top is both refreshing and rich, and both carnivorous and vegetarian guests alike will pop plenty of these in their mouths.


Mini Corn and Leek Flautas

Compact and savory, these flautas can be prepared in advance and are pretty damn good at room temperature, which frees you from the oven once friends arrive, and means you won’t have to miss the commercial breaks.


Smoky Chipotle Vegetarian Chili

The aforementioned chili, this wonderful, aromatic one-pot dish is a fabulous centerpiece for a vegetarian meal. Chipotle chiles give the beans and vegetables the kick they need.


Sweet Potato Fries

Since you don’t have to fry them, you can bake up these fries in large quantities — all you need are some baking sheets, oil, and a knife. Enlist an early guest to help you cut potatoes. Once baked, feel free to dip them in your chili!


M&M Blondies

The blondies get a dash of color, chocolate, and peanut-y goodness from the peanut M&M’s, making them indulgent enough for any game celebration — as if they weren’t already.