Vegan Halloween Candy to Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth

Compassionate candy is easier to come by than you think

Give out candy with a clear conscience!

You might be under the impression that chocolate candy can’t be milk-free, that gummy candy has to have gelatin, that caramel must be made with butter, that graham crackers require honey, and that marshmallows are rad due to eggs. But, you’d be mistaken, and you’re about to be pleasantly surprised.

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Believe it or not, there are countless candies that contain no animal products at all. From classic companies everyone recognizes to savvy brands taking advantage of the ever-increasing demand for vegan versions of old favorites, there’s plenty to pick from in today’s marketplace. 

Whether you live in New York or Nebraska, shop specialty, online only, or the big-box stores, there’s something for everyone hankering for ghoulish goodies. And luckily, obtaining said sweets doesn’t require a cosmopolitan postal code, a bottomless bank account, or even a whole lot of forethought. Your local convenience store should suffice. 


It could be that your nephew is lactose-intolerant or that your neighbors are vegetarian. It could be as plain and simple as your conscience nagging — or your backside sagging. Whatever your reasoning, there’s a satisfying solution, which just happens to be bite-sized, delicious, and perfect for trick-or-treaters that are vegan approved.