Underage Alcohol Tasting Might Become Legal in Washington State

A new bill headed to Washington's governor would allow those over 18 to taste alcohol under special circumstances

Look out now; we're going to be getting some hot shot 19-year-old sommeliers in the near future. A bill allowing certain instances of underage alcohol "tasting" has just passed the Senate in Washington State and is headed to be signed by the governor, AP reports.

According to Senate Bill 5774, persons older than the age of 18 and under 21 may be allowed to taste alcohol, but not consume it. Students studying culinary arts, wine technology, beer technology, or spirituous technology will be permitted to taste if the alcohol is served in degree-related programs, if the alcohol is not consumed (thus, spit out), and if it's tasted for the purpose of educational training with the approval of a professor or teacher.

The bill does specify that a faculty or staff member 21 years or older must supervise a tasting, and that they need to have an alcohol server permits; students are not allowed to buy alcohol, the bill says.


Naturally, the bill is headed to the desk of Governor Jay Inslee for the final step, but we're already planning a slideshow of 10 Famous Teenage Mixologists.