Ultralight Eon iPad Case Features "Radically New Approach to Typing"


Everyone wants the latest and greatest cover for their iPad, one that no one else even knows about. Well, here's your chance. Regen Designs is gearing up to launch their Kickstarter for a new line of luxury iPad cases called Leotego Eon. While three styles will be on offer, the one you'll really want to get your hands on will be the Eon Carbon Sport. Make sure to pledge some cash come November 12, because we all know a Kickstarter campaign isn't going to be successful unless the goal is met — in this case, that's $74,500.



Designed to fit in perfectly with a luxury lifestyle, Leotego wants to enhance your iPad from being a mere accessory to actually improving your life through style. The hard cases feature a carbon fiber structure, aluminum hinges and mechanics, a magnetic closure with auto sleep, and a stand that double as a screen cover.  Due to the materials, the case doesn't bulk the device up at all and maintains a very light weight.

They've also made an optional Invert Keyboard LX that, according to the company, "radically improves typing accuracy." LED backlit and wireless, the keyboard features raised spaces between the keys, which apparently makes finger memory and navigation as simple as it is on a traditional board. When not in use, this "cutting edge" keyboard magnetically snaps together with the stand to create a full-sized screen cover.

Whether you want the keyboard or not, there are three versions you can get: Eon Snow (white zebra wood finish with while leather), Eon Night (black zebra wood with black leather), and Eon Carbon Sport (carbon fiber finish with brushed aluminum).

The Early Backer Special for $205 will get you whichever Eon you want. There are only 50 of these available and once they run out, the price will bump up to $235 - which is still a discount from the future retail price of $259. To get the LX model, jump in on the $315 special, and just like the standard model, there are only 50 of these offers. The price goes to $345 after that, with a future retail of $369. Shipments have an estimated delivery of March 2014.