The Ultimate Grilling Giveaway!

Enter to win these fantastic tools and gadgets from Cobb Grills

Grill in action

We're continuing our awesome summer cookout contest with three brand new items that you can win!

What We're Giving Away: Premier Stainless Steel Portable Grill (with carrying bag), Fenced Roasting Rack, and a Cobb-On-the-Go Cookbook. (Yes, all of them for one lucky winner!) 

What You Have to Do: Submit your favorite grilling recipe for summer parties. 

How: Upload your recipe here, and email us the link at

Contest Dates: June 13th to June 22nd at 6 p.m.

Winner Announced: Thursday, June 23rd. 

We'll pick the best recipe and send the winner all of the fabulous prizes listed above. Enter now for a shot at winning!

To kick-off summer the best way we know how, The Daily Meal has paired up with Cobb Grills for the Ultimate Grilling Giveaway! Named invention of the year in 2001 by Time Magazine, this completely portable grill is perfect for grilling in the backyard and can sit on any tabletop, thanks to its stay-cool base. It’s efficient, using only eight briquettes for three hours of heat, and is safe for use in windier environments. Plus, thanks to its unique design, any fat dripping from the meat is collected away from the flame, resulting in food that isn’t cloaked in smoke when cooked (and leaner than if it were seared in a pan).


See the Cobb in action with this leg of lamb recipe — it’s also great for grilling a whole roast chicken. Then read our tips for hosting your own meal-from-the-grill, backyard dinner party