Tryst Restaurant Collaborates With Tower Root Beer

Boston's Tryst Restaurant makes a menu celebrating the re-establishment of New England root beer company Tower

Tryst: the dictionary defines it as a meeting or meeting place that has been agreed upon. So, what is the newest tryst in Boston? Boston’s Tower Root Beer and Tryst Restaurant’s menu collaboration.

Few things truly capture the taste of summer more effectively than the sweet taste of root beer. Chef Paul Turano of Arlington’s Tryst Restaurant happened to agree with this and as a result is collaborating with the New England root beer company to create his Root Beer Dinner menu. On Sunday, July 28th, Tryst will offer a classic three-course prix fixe dinner created by Chef Turano.

Tower Root Beer’s recipe is a 99-year-old classic. The company was founded in 1914 right in Somerville, Mass. The company originated from a tonic company, and eventually became a popular root beer company during prohibition when beer wasn’t available. Even when the stock market failed, Tower prevailed as a popular company with a pharmacist-perfected recipe. However, the business was forced off the market due to competition.


A third generation of the founder’s family discovered the recipe for the root beer, which was sitting under lock and key. For the past 30 years, Tower’s handwritten recipe was hidden, and the company is now re-established. Tryst celebrates the return of the Tower Root Beer Company with the root beer inspired dishes and cocktails. Call Tryst Restaurant at 781-641-2227 to make reservations for the summer soft drink-inspired dinner.