Trending In Las Vegas: The Cucumber Cocktail

With spring officially here and warm weather just around the corner, it's time for us all to shave off our winter weight. And why not have fun while doing so? Meet the cucumber cocktail. It's light, refreshing, and has just the right amount of alcohol to give you the kick you need to start off your night. After visiting and taking careful notes at some of the premier cocktail bars and restaurants in Las Vegas, we found the five best cucumber concoctions that a first or repeat Vegas visitor must try. Here's the scoop...

The Comme Ci at Comme Ça. Yes, it's a bit confusing, but Comme Ci is the drink and Comme Ça is the restaurant/cocktail bar located in The Cosmopolitan. Trust me, you will not get the two confused after you order this drink; it's a knockout. The ingredients are: silver rum, freshly squeezed limes, sugar, cucumber, and cracked pepper, as well as the tender sleight of hand from the incredibly talented and hospitable mixologists that run the bar. Alex Penlosa, one of the main mixologist's of Comme Ça, describes the Comme Ci as a "modification on a daiquiri." It is both sweet and savory with a pinch of pepper to give it just the right amount of bite. This smooth cocktail is a perfect happy hour or any-hour drink.

Coming in a close second to the Comme Ci, is Petrossian Bar's new cucumber cocktail. In fact, this drink is so new that it's not even on the menu. We however, were still able to get the secret behind this dangerously delicious drink. The ingredients are: Bombay Sapphire East, homemade cucumber essence, fresh lime juice, simple syrup infused with vanilla, and cucumber sparkling water. But that's not the secret. As Ricardo Murcia, the director of beverage for Bellagio revealed, the secret is in the pulp, or lack thereof. He says, "We've created a cucumber essence with no pulp. What we do is process the whole cucumber and then double-strain it." This pulp-less drink which is served on the rocks, has a velvety texture that will glide right down your throat and refresh your insides.

Other notable cucumber drinks are the Cucumber Shiso Martini at Tetsu and the Cucumber Margarita at Javier's, both of which are housed in ARIA. So, if you find yourself in this resort, make sure to head to either one or both of these hot spots to get your cucumber fill. 

Lastly, we call attention to the Cucumber Fresh, which one can find at The Wynn in a trendy, celebrity-spotting restaurant called Andrea's. This cocktail serves better as a third- or fourth-round beverage, as its super-sweet nature is meant to rev you up for late-night Friday or Saturday activities. Nonetheless, you'll find yourself sitting in one of the coolest places in Vegas as you slowly sip, or rapidly gulp down, this bright green potion.

Since the season is calling for it and the restaurants, cocktail bars, and mixologists of Las Vegas are following accordingly, find yourself the cucumber cocktail that's right for you. After all, who knew cucumbers could be this fun?