Fish Tacos — Maui, Hawaii from World’s Most Delicious Beach Food (Slideshow)

World’s Most Delicious Beach Food (Slideshow)

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Fish Tacos — Maui, Hawaii

Many hungry Hawaii beach-goers have lauded the delights of the locally produced fish tacos on Maui’s sandy shores. Whipped up fresh by curbside vendors and food trucks that set up along the beachfront, traditional choices of mahi mahi, ono (the Hawaiian cousin of the king mackerel), and ahi (yellowfin tuna) are sure to be super fresh. It’s all topped off with crisp shredded cabbage, cilantro-flecked rice, and a salsa-and-sour cream sauce. They don’t skimp on size either… a large fish taco can come as long as a person’s arm for a full day of beach feasting!