Who Steals Hotel Slippers, Who Takes the Longest Trips, and More Slideshow

Who Takes the Shortest Vacation?

Chinese travelers take the shortest vacations, with 75 percent taking trips of five days or less. Chinese travelers prefer sightseeing trips. U.K. travelers take the longest vacations with 25 percent of them taking trips lasting two weeks or more. They prefer beach getaways.

Who Is Going on the Trip?

More than half (59 percent) of all travelers intend to travel with their families during the summer, while nearly a quarter (23 percent) of all travelers plan to embark on a getaway with their significant other.

Does Hotel Price Matter?

Almost a third of all travelers said price is the most important factor when choosing a hotel, followed by location. Additionally, women are more price-conscious than men, with close to a third of women ranking price most important versus a quarter of men. Mid-priced hotels are the most popular choice, with more than half of travelers usually looking for either midscale or budget accommodations. One in five Americans are willing to pay more for a hotel that offers upscale dining.

What Do People Spend the Most Money on While on Vacation?

After lodging, one in four global travelers say they spend the bulk of their money on dining. Just less than a third of U.S. travelers spend the most money on food.

Who Steals the Hotel Slippers?

Most travelers take bathroom toiletries and stationary, followed by items from the minibar. While most global travelers like to raid the minibar, Americans are more likely to snatch a hotel laundry bag than a snack or beverage from the minibar, while Brazilians are more likely to grab a pair of slippers.