Which US Airlines Still Offer Free Amenities (and What You’ll Get) Slideshow


Southwest still lets its passengers have two free checked bags, complimentary peanuts, pretzels, and Nabisco snacks (on some flights), and complimentary soft drinks. Passengers who fly on holidays are treated to a drink on the house, like on Fathers Day (June 17th) and on Southwest's birthday, June 18.


JetBlue passengers get one free checked bag, free DirectTV, free Sirius XM radio, complimentary free snacks, complimentary soft drinks, and "snooze kits" (earplugs and eyeshades). JetBlue's free snack choices are the most diverse with options including PopCorners popcorn chips, Terra Blues potato chips, Linden's chocolate chip cookies, King Nut fancy nut mix, Stauffer's animal crackers, and Quaker multigrain fiber crisp.

Virgin America

The amenities depend on what type of ticket you purchase, but basic free television and soft drinks are included for all passengers. Those on an upgrade, main cabin select, or first class ticket get all amenities for free except Wi-Fi. Ordering pay-as-you go snacks and drinks is easy. Passengers can order food and drinks by touchscreen, and they can open a tab for a portion or the duration of a flight to avoid swiping their credit cards each time an order is placed.

United/Delta/American/U.S. Airways

Free soft drinks and complimentary snacks, which vary by carrier and route, from peanuts to pretzels to cookies.

Jeff Klee, CEO of CheapAir.com, Shares His Travel Tips

1. Check the airlines baggage fee policy and pay the bag fee when booking the ticket to save money. Some carriers, like Spirit, even charge for carry-on baggage.

2. Book an exit row seat, which has more legroom. Klee avoids the front row of any cabin.

3. Legroom varies by carrier. Spirit tends to have less legroom, while JetBlue has some seats with extra legroom (and JetBlue doesnt charge extra to sit in them), and other airlines are adding extra legroom to seats at the front of their cabins.

Jeff Klee, CEO of CheapAir.com, Shares His Travel Tips

4. Check-in 24 hours ahead and, if there are seats available in business or first class, you can buy an upgrade for a lot less than it would have cost booking it upfront.

5. Instead of stowing your carry-on underneath the seat in front of you, Klee advises you to use the space for your feet instead.