This Is What a Meal at J&G Grill in Mexico City Looks Like

This restaurant, a collaboration between St. Regis hotels and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, elevates casual dining

You can imagine how much better avocados taste in Mexico City.

Sunshine pours in from the floor-to-ceiling windows that make up the exterior wall of J&G Grill in Mexico City, bathing the entire restaurant in a warm glow. It literally shines, foreshadowing what you’ll find in every dish and drink served: star quality.

Click here to see what a meal at J&G Grill in Mexico City looks like.

J&G Grill is a collaboration between The St. Regis hotels and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, offering a selection of the famed Jean-Georges’ dishes from his award-winning international restaurants. Each J&G Grill adds to this collection several of their own signature dishes: a bit of local flavor that makes each J&G Grill a unique dining experience. It’s a winning combination.

Fresh produce arrives daily, ensuring every meal is prepared with the highest quality ingredients. Try the avocado pizza, dressed with jalapeño, cilantro, and lime — a treat for which Chef Maycoll Calderón is renowned — and wonder at how you have never seen such vibrantly green avocados before. You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!

The menu changes every four months, responding to what is available seasonally. This ensures that there are always some surprises on the menu.

Have the need for a little privacy? J&G Grill boasts two private rooms that can be combined to host up to 30 people. If you crave the true kitchen experience, spring for the Chef’s Table. Located directly off the open kitchen, you’ll hear every pot and pan clang, every plate arranged; it’s almost like being in the kitchen itself.

I joked with friends that I know the food at J&G Grill Mexico City is fabulous because I tasted it all, and I wasn’t far off. The feast kept on coming, including tastes of grilled black pepper octopus, ensenada crabcake, veal Milanese, and, a new favorite for me, salmon sashimi. Nestled on top of crispy rice with a dollop of chipotle mayonnaise, I have found myself craving it since my return to the States.

Dessert remained impressive, with sweet corn cake drizzled with cajeta sauce and topped with a delightful mezcal ice cream; salted caramel ice cream sundae with peanuts, candied popcorn, and chocolate fudge sauce; and cheesecake with lemon cream and blueberry sorbet. You really can’t go wrong with anything you choose.


The amazement doesn’t cease at the food. We sipped ginger margaritas with lunch — refreshing without being overpowering — but I really wanted to try their gin and tonics, recommended by one of The St. Regis team members. Perhaps next time.