17 Weird Things You Never Knew About Florida

There’s more to this state than palm trees and retirement communities

Florida has a wacky reputation. Residents of Florida are known to do some outlandish things — and, for some reason, are all in love with Publix, their local grocery chain. The wildlife is downright tropical, and the land is so flat that there isn’t more than a couple hundred feet of elevation difference across the entire state. Florida is a swampland — but a beautiful one, if you know where to go. The beaches and calming palm trees are unparalleled by any other area in the United States.

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Some residents are found saying that the state should be divided into two separate territories — North Florida and South Florida. In North Florida, you’re more likely to find people who identify as Southerners. In South Florida, you’re more likely to find people who identify as New Yorkers. And in the winter, Florida is flocked with snowbirds from far and wide, clogging the roads and invading its sunniest spots to soak up some vitamin D.

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Florida’s weather is definitely less diverse than its population. All year round, Florida’s weather is warm. The winter temperatures rarely dip below 50; when they do, the chilly weather only lasts for a couple of weeks. Despite the constant warmth, the state’s precipitation is incredibly unpredictable. It rains sporadically, with raging storms lasting from a couple of minutes to a couple of days. But these 17 random facts might tell you a few things about Florida you don’t already know.