Top Emerging Foodie Cities Across the U.S.

Here are the rop foodies cities you don't know about yet

Asheville is full of great outdoor restaurants, farmers’ markets, and gorgeous views.

New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans have always been known as foodie destinations, but with that reputation comes tons of tourists and high prices. So looked at data for the fastest growing cities according to American traveler’s food endorsements to find the best emerging culinary scenes.

Here are the top five up and coming American cities for foodies, and where to eat, according to


What to expect: New restaurants, farmers’ markets, and foodie start-ups, producing everything from artisanal cheese to chocolate and preserves. 

Where to eat: Chai Pani, an Indian street food spot; Gourmet Chip Company, which features fancy flavored potato chips with ingredients like blue cheese or truffles. 


What to expect: Tons of seafood, as well as comfort-food eateries. 

Where to eat: Back in the Day Bakery, with traditional Southern baked goods and savory fare; Mrs. Wilkes restaurant, known for a buffet full of stick-to-your-ribs Southern classics.

Santa Fe

santa fe

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New Mexico is all about the blending of cultures, flavors, and fun.

What to expect: Native American, American, and Mexican flavors and killer street food. 

Where to eat: Second Street Brewery for wings, cheese, and beer with a New Mexico twist. 


What to expect: Cool ethnic cuisine. 

Where to eat: Reading Terminal Market for everything from Italian-style pulled pork sandwiches to sweets.



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Honolulu is a foodie’s paradise.

What to expect: Farm-to-table fare and pop-up restaurants from well-known chefs.

Where to eat: Yama’s Fish Market for fresh fish, meat, and specialties; pop-up restaurants in the newly redeveloped, trendy district of Kakaako. 


What to expect: Eclectic but sophisticated food. 

Where to eat: Reef for seafood; Coltivare for Italian; Pondicheri for Indian. 


What to expect: Boat-to-table seafood. 

Where to eat: Restaurant 1883 for fresh, James-Beard-nominated food.