Taco Tour: 10 Tacos to Try in Los Cabos, Mexico Slideshow

Tacos Guss

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Located near Cabo San Lucas’s most popular bars, Tacos Guss is a local favorite for tacos (with homemade tortillas!), horchata, and huaraches, a fried shoe-shaped masa whose name derives from a popular sandal, which you can fill with various toppings. Bonus: it’s open until 5 a.m., perfect for post-partying snacks.

Located on Lázaro Cárdenas, near the corner of Melchor Ocampo, Cabo San Lucas

Restaurant La Fonda

Known for its mole sauces, Oaxacan-style with chocolate or pipian with pumpkin seeds, and its "Prehistoric Appetizers" featuring maguey worms and ant eggs, Restaurant La Fonda is classier than your average taco shack. The tacos are good, so if you want to get dressed up on one stage of your taco tour, Restaurant La Fonda is the way to go.

Located on Hidalgo between Obregón and 12 de Octubre, Cabo San Lucas

Mariscos Mazatlan

Another taco restaurant, Mariscos Mazatlan specializes in seafood, especially shrimp. The restaurant experience often includes a three-piece mariachi band, playing traditional Mexican music as you try fresh grilled shrimp tacos and delicious margaritas. There’s also a shrimp combo for two, which features Gulf shrimp prepared five ways.

Located on Narciso Mendoza on the corner of 20 de Noviembre, Cabo San Lucas

Mariscos Evaristo Hermanos

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Known for its crisp fried fish tacos, Mariscos Evaristo Hermanos is a taco palapa located near the SJD Los Cabos Mexico International Airport, perfect for your first, or last, Cabo taco. Mariscos Evaristo Hermanos offers the option of flour or corn tortillas, and the portions are big — you won’t worry about going home hungry here!

Located off Blvd. Mauricio Castro, Santa Anita


A favorite among the locals in San José del Cabo, Guacamaya’s is known for its tacos al pastor, spicy shredded pork tacos topped with cilantro, diced red onion, and pineapple. Murals of parrots, the restaurant’s namesake, liven up the décor of the restaurant, and the drink menu includes margaritas that pack a delicious, but powerful, punch.

Located on Calle Marinos Col Chamizal, San José del Cabo

Taqueria Rossy

Don’t be fooled by the plastic chairs and cheap tablecloths — it might look like a shack, but the tacos at Taqueria Rossy are first-class. Seafood is lightly battered and fried, but still retains its fresh-from-the-sea taste and is placed atop handmade flour or corn tortillas. Top them off with offerings from the diverse salad bar, or don’t; the fish is so fresh it doesn’t need a thing.

Located on Manuel Doblado and Hwy. 1, San José Manuel Doblado and Hwy. 1, San José del Cabo

Gordo Lele’s Tacos and Tortas

Gordo Lele’s is a cramped, dark taco shack dishing out excellent chorizo tacos. Topped with a cilantro-onion mixture, and cool, creamy avocado, the taco is unique in Cabo San Lucas. Gordo Lele’s is also known for its shrimp tacos, topped with manchego cheese and bacon. The owner of this creative spot calls himself "The Sixth Beatle," and often serenades diners with "his band’s" hits; Gordo Lele’s walls are also covered in Beatles memorabilia.

Located near the intersection of Mariano Matamoros and Lázaro Cárdenas, Cabo San Lucas

La Taquiza

La Taquiza is a bit of a rarity in Cabo San Lucas — a taco stand known more for its meat offerings than its seafood fare. The vast menu lines one long wall of the restaurant, and underneath is a window into the kitchen, where you can watch chefs make the tacos you just ordered.

In addition to the perfectly charred and spiced tacos al pastor, carne asada, and suadera tacos, La Taquiza also offers a taco de cabeza, made with beef cheeks, which are silky and soft, contrasting nicely with crunchy onions on top.

Located on Av. Leona Vicario S/N Col., Centro, between Revolucion y Carranza, Cabo San Lucas

Los Claros

A sign hanging on the front of Los Claros proclaims that the taco shack is home to the best seafood tacos in Cabo San Lucas. It’s a bold statement to make, but one that may actually be true. The fish tacos, made with sea bass, are breaded in a subtly spicy batter, and when topped with offerings from the huge salsa bar, pack a lot of zing. Other offerings include delicious breaded scallop tacos, grilled scallop tacos, mixed seafood tacos, and a smoked marlin taco.

Located near the intersection of Zaragoza and 16 de Septiembre, Cabo San Lucas

Tacos Gardenias

Tacos Gardenias might be the best-known taco place in Cabo San Lucas and for good reason. The fish and shrimp tacos are coated in a light batter and even lighter seasonings, allowing the freshness of the seafood to shine. The accompanying salsas and toppings add some punch, but at Tacos Gardenias, it’s all about the quality seafood.

Located on Paseo de la Marina, near Camino Real, Cabo San Lucas