From Restaurants to Islands, 6 Boating Hangouts to Check Out This Summer

There's nothing better than delicious seafood and relaxing by the water on a beautiful summer day

Bryan Thurston and his family, who are from Pasadena, dock their MTI 42-foot performance boat at Nick's Fish House in Port Covington.

For Shawn Samad, a perfect summer day revolves around his 24-foot power boat.

Boating is “a part of Maryland living,” said the downtown Baltimore resident, who is a cosmetic dentist and owner of Laurel Pines Dental Group in Laurel. “I grew up in Annapolis. I’ve been in boats all my life. It’s about getting great seafood at all these restaurants on the bay, living life, and getting away from everything else.”

This particular day, Samad had just returned from an outing along the Chesapeake Bay for a little swimming, relaxing with his fiancee’s family, and then an early evening of crabs and shrimp at Nick’s Fish House, where he docked for free. The next day would be a repeat of the first — this time with his family. Sunday, he said he planned to go out on the boat with friends to celebrate his birthday, which was earlier in the week.

“I like being part of nature,” said Samad, who owns a Monterey 238SS boat, which he docks at the Baltimore Marine Center in Canton. “It takes me away from all the daily hassle and nonsense of life.”

Maryland has plenty of hot spots for boating enthusiasts like Samad to dock or drop anchor, and take in water views, food and drink, and other amenities.


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