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10 Secret Swimming Holes in the US That Only Locals Know About

Cool down this summer at these wonderful watering holes you may not already know about

With summer right around the corner you’ll soon be looking for reprieves from the heat in bodies of water — be it a beach, pool, or lake — but switching up the predictable scenery of these warm-weather escapes by hitting a local swimming hole can be a nice change of pace.  

10 Secret Swimming Holes in the US That Only Locals Know About Slideshow

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The U.S. has countless swimming holes scattered throughout most states, many of which you’ve likely never heard of unless you’re from the area. Hawaii is home to many, including the two on this list: Chutes and Ladders off the side of a cliff in Maui and Queen’s Bath in Kauai. Florida, too, is home to plenty of natural springs, aquifers, and swimming holes. One that you’ve likely never heard of is Devil’s Den, which is not only a great watering hole for snorkeling and diving, but also an archeological and paleontological treasure where ancient human artifacts and fossils of extinct species have been found.