The Resort at Paws Up: A Western-Style Getaway with Great Eats (Slideshow)

A Western-Style Getaway with Great Eats

Montana Wilderness

View of the Blackfoot River from River Camp campsite at Paws Up.  Each campsite has a glorious view of the river.

Paws Up Happy Hour

One of the "Happy Hour" canapés. This is seared tuna served on a chile-flavored tortilla chip with radish and green onion.

Lunch, Montana Style

A hearty lunch, served chuck wagon style. Plate includes herbed pita chips, garlic seafood pasta, charred rib-eye, pan-seared scallops, and a salad dressed with a spectacle blue-cheese dressing.

Chef Chris

The "Big Ceej" doing some of his own mushroom foraging with the fruits of the morning's wilderness adventure. These are wild chanterelles, which became part of the dinner that night.

Dinner at Pomp

One of the highlights of the first-night's dinner at Pomp. Dishes include grilled steelhead trout with baby carrots, pickled beets, shredded radish and nasturtiums prepared by last year's Montana Master Chefs winner Hosea Rosenberg. Wine pairing was a Steel chardonnay.

Dessert by Master Chefs

This Guinness chocolate cake served with native Montana huckleberries and raspberries was one of the desserts prepared by Montana Master Chefs contestants. The additional whipped cream is an absolute must!

Tank and Trough Restaurants

Guests on the standard American meal plan offered by Paws Up have buffet breakfast and lunch here.

The Catch

Mushrooms found during the foraging excursion, as well as a paper wasp nest (it'd been vacated already, thankfully).