Quiz: Can You Guess Where This Sandwich Is From?

Some sandwiches are ethnically ambiguous

Can you guess where this sandwich is from?

The world is full of unique sandwiches, many of them we’ve never heard of.

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Those who fancy ourselves lovers of food and travel can usually guess the origins of a sandwich from a few ingredients that are dead giveaways, along with the process of elimination. For example, if a sandwich has tripe in it, you know it’s not from India, and if it’s got cheese and meat in it, you won’t find it in Israel. So where is a particular sandwich from? Test your knowledge of global cuisine and find out.


To find the sandwiches on this list, we looked through our previously published sandwich roundups — 10 Burger Variations Around the World, 12 Life-Changing Sandwiches You’ve Never Heard Of, Andrew Zimmern’s 9 Favorite Sandwiches Around the World — and picked the ones that are, well, ethnically ambiguous. Don’t peek!