10 Burger Variations Around the World

If you think hamburgers look the same around the world, think again
10 Burger Variations Around the World


Pljeskavica consists of two or more ground meats (beef, lamb, pork, and/or veal) shaped into a patty.

You probably associate burgers with America. But even though Americans eat 14 billion burgers every year, which equates to almost 440 burgers per second, consumption all over the world is high, too: American-style burgers account for 60 percent of all the sandwiches sold in a year — around the globe. 

10 Burger Variations Around the World (Slideshow)

Celebrate Hamburger Month by familiarizing yourself with hamburger's cousins, so to speak. These are related to the hamburger in one of two ways: either they present food of some kind in burger-like buns or they involve minced meat patties. Either way, these 10 mouth-watering variations on the (not-so) all-American classic are worth traveling far and wide for.

To find the items on this list, we looked through some of the many, many lists about sandwiches that we’ve published in the past — such as 12 Life-Changing Sandwiches You’ve Never Heard Of and World’s Most Iconic Sandwiches — and chose ones that most resembled hamburgers. Not all of these burgers contain ground beef — one is even 100 percent vegan — but the experience of eating them is so similar to that of eating a hamburger than we chose to include them on this list anyway.

Ironically, one of the burgers on this list, the mitraillette (literally "the tommy-gun"), is one that hardly anybody has heard of in the United States, yet it is referred to as “the Américain” in some parts of France, where the Belgian dish is also popular. Perhaps that is a testament to how closely hamburgers are associated with America. Tempting as it was, we couldn’t include burgers on this list that are merely outrageous deviations from a regular hamburger, such as a Whopper with 1000 slices of cheese, because, well, that’s just not how regular variations on regular burgers look around the world (thankfully).

This list will prove to you that a burger is so much more than just another sandwich. If you love hamburgers, you owe it to yourself to take a trip and treat yourself to all the burgers the world has to offer.

Burger Malaysia (Malaysia)

Little-known outside of Malaysia’s night markets, these tiny burgers consist of sambal-spiced anchovies (sambal ikan bilis) and a slice of cucumber between fried, doughnut-like bread. They are colloquially — and confusingly — referred to as “Burger Malaysia,” which is also the name for a regular burger in that country.

Cemita (Mexico)

Cemita can refer to both the sandwich — which typically consists of beef milanesa (pounded, breaded, and fried beef), a mild white cheese, avocado, onions, leaves of the soapy-tasting herb pápalo, and red chile sauce — or the sesame seeded bun that holds these contents.