salar de uyuni


Places So Gorgeous You’ll Think They’re Photoshopped

Some places you’ll just have to visit yourself to believe they exist
salar de uyuni


You may not believe these places are real. 

Traveling is about discovering something new and exploring places that are different from your everyday routine. Have you ever been stunned by the beauty of a place you’ve visited? Stood in awe of the lush nature or inspired by the vastness of the landscape before you? While nature provides some breathtaking spectacles, there are also man-made structures around the world that are absolutely astounding. The idea that people in ancient times built the Leshan Giant Buddha statue in China is so wild that it can inspire the same sort of wonder.

Whether it is a natural formation or something created by people, some things just don’t seem real until you’re physically there — much like these three places that may seem Photoshopped but are actually very real destinations.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

This salt flat is the world’s largest, covering more than 4,000 square miles. Even more amazing is that when it rains and the water covers the salt flat, it becomes an enormous mirror reflecting the sky.

Lake Hillier, Australia


A lake of Pepto Bismol? Not exactly. Separated from the Southern Ocean by a narrow shore, this lake is naturally pink in color due to the Dunaliella salina bacteria that thrive due to the water’s high salt content. The color is most vibrant when seen from an aerial view.

Leshan Giant Buddha, China



This 233-foot statue of Maitreya Buddha was carved from the side of a cliff during the eighth century and is a wonder to all who visit. You can get up close to it on the terrace, or see it from the river by way of ferry — regardless of your viewing choice, you’ll be shocked by its grandeur.