The World's Most Beautiful — but Insane — Hotels

These surreal vacation stays around the world should have a home somewhere on your bucket list

Some of the craziest hotels are also the most beautiful in architecture and location. 

The most important factor when traveling is the experience you have — what you’ll take with you in memory long after the trip itself is over. Most travelers want to be completely immersed in their surroundings, the culture, and the beauty that makes every destination wonderfully unique. With that said, hotels are always trying to enhance and build upon this experience with the hope, of course, that they will bring people back again in the future.


Slideshow: The World's Most Beautiful — but Insane — Hotels



To truly amaze vacationers, some hotels go above and beyond to make each visitor’s stay memorable and inspiring. Every place on this list does just that, and each is insane in some way: its harmony with the environment it is surrounded by, its architecture, and/or its stunning bedroom views. From the treetop views of monkeys and wildlife from your room in the Peruvian Amazon, to sleeping with the fish in the divine waters of Tanzania, here are the 10 most beautiful but insane hotels around the world.