The Oldest Restaurant in Every State

The Oldest Restaurant in Every State

Enjoy the best of history and gastronomy at these culinary establishments

Food has been a means of fostering community, bringing people together and creating history since time immemorial. Due to the American love of food, it stands to reason that restaurants often become an important part of history. Some of the oldest restaurants in the country have become national landmarks, and for good reason: They were places around which communities and economies grew, and over time, they also became a point of pride for locals.

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Eating at a historical establishment is an experience that combines both history and gastronomy in the most delightful of ways. Knowing you’re eating in the same spot and possibly even eating the same dish as a past president or a legendary movie star can make your meal that much more interesting or even tastier. Many people don’t realize, however, that the opportunity to take part in food history might actually be closer than they think. Every one of our 50 states naturally has a restaurant that is the oldest statewide. If you’re interested in eating somewhere with a certain degree of fame, and quite a bit of a past, check out our guide of the oldest restaurant in every state.