Israeli Hummus Joint Gives Discount to Jews & Arabs Who Dine Together

A hummus cafe offers a discount to Jews and Arabs who dine together

A cafe owner is doing his part for peace by offering a discount to those who are willing to dine together.

In the midst of violence in Israel and the Palestinian territories one hummus cafe owner is doing his best to broker the peace through something near and dear to the hearts of both cultures—delicious food.

The owner of the Hummus Bar in Central Israel is offering a 50% discount to Jews and Arabs who come to his restaurant and share a table.

The cafe posted the discount on Facebook. translated the post:

“Scared of Arabs? Scared of Jews? With us there are no Arabs, but also no Jews. With us there are people! And genuine excellent Arabic hummus! And Jewish, excellent praiseworthy falafel with free refill on every hummus, whether you’re Arabs, Jews, Christians or Indians.

Special bargain: 50% discount on hummus to a table where Arabs and Jews sit together.”

The offer is only valid Sunday through Thursday. 

Manager Kobi Tzafrir told the Times of Israel that the idea has been praised by both Arabs and Jews.

“If there’s anything that can bring together these peoples, it’s hummus,” Tzafrir told the Times.

This article was originally plublishe by Jo Piazza