How to Ask For Water in 5 Different Languages

Don’t leave home without knowing how to ask for beer, the toilet, and, of course, water

 Getting to know the language and useful terms is all part of the preparation for your trip.

When you’re traveling abroad, one of the essential things you will want to know how to ask for is, of course, beer. Just kidding (but not really). You’ll want to know how to ask for water in countries where the drinking water is safe or where you can get some bottled water at a restaurant or bar.


If you happen to be visiting Egypt or another Arabic-speaking country, you can say, sa'shrab maa’, which means “I would like to drink some water.”


Touring Scandinavia in search of the Northern Lights? If you happen to visit Finland this winter, the way to order water is to ask, Saisinko lasin vettä?


In Germany you can say, Ich hätte gern ein Wasser ohne Kohlensäure, which means “I would like to have non-carbonated drinking water.”


For those who wish to execute some Japanese, if you ever find yourself at a restaurant in Japan and would like to order water, you can say, O-mizu o kudasai, which means “water, please.”


In Thailand, you can ask for Nam pao, or a bottle of water.