5 Places You Shouldn’t Drink the Water

No one wants to get sick when on a vacation

Sometimes drinking the tap water is one of the riskier parts of your trip. (Photo Modified: flickr/steve johnson )

A major concern many of us have when we travel is whether we can drink the water. Here are five countries where drinking tap water is not recommended.



Tap water in Brazil is not safe to drink. Boiling water for at least one minute is the best way to purify it.


Flickr/Dottie Day

Though the locals may drink the tap water, it is best that tourists in Indonesia who aren’t used to it stick to bottled water, as the tap water in Indonesia is not filtered for drinking purposes.



Mexico has long been known to take Montezuma’s revenge on any tourist who drinks the tap water here; however, a recent law passed in Mexico City will require all restaurants in the city to install water filters.

Costa Rica


A majority of the tap water in Costa Rica is safe to drink, but drinking bottled water is the best way to ensure you won’t spend your holiday.




Don’t drink the tap water in Albania. You should instead buy bottled water to drink, otherwise you may be out sightseeing somewhere when your stomach decides to throw you for a loop.