How 10 Other Countries Celebrate Their Independence

The Fourth of July isn’t the only Independence Day around the world; here are 10 other countries’ cherished celebrations

Who else parties as hard as the Philippines?

The Fourth of July is only a week away, but that doesn’t mean Independence Day celebrations need to end — after all, we’re not the only country with such an event. There are currently almost 200 nations in the world, almost all of which have an official holiday marking their independence, meaning there’s one almost every day of the year — and some countries even coincidentally share the same day!

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Some of these days are recognized as more serious occasions, but most are upbeat and joyful, often including food, music, parties, and other activities and rituals related to the local culture. It’s important to note that the following days are strictly ones that commemorate a nation’s independence, and aren’t just the country’s designated “national day.” So holidays like Cinco de Mayo in Mexico and Bastille Day in France (July 14 — mark your calendars) are not included.


So get your fill of American barbecue, apple pie, and fireworks, because the Fourth of July will be here and gone before you know it, but there’s still a lot of celebrating to do in other parts of the globe. (Although don’t be surprised if you see some similarities internationally!) Here’s how 10 other countries celebrate their independence.