9 Non-Olympic Reasons to Visit Brazil This Summer

Of course the Olympics are a fantastic excuse to head to South America this summer, but here are 9 other resounding reasons
9 Non-Olympic Reasons to Visit Brazil This Summer


The beach at Copacabana should be convincing enough, but there are still 8 more reasons to visit Brazil.

In case you don’t own a calendar and misplaced or broke your phone, we are now coming to the end of May, and this means a couple things. It marks a time when the weather is thoroughly confused about which season it actually is on a daily basis, and it means the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro are just over two months away. If all the games’ running, throwing, and generally moving quickly isn’t enough to entice you into booking a ticket to Brazil by itself, perhaps you could use a bit more convincing.

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Brazil is a dynamic South American country that features landscapes varying from thick jungle and rainforest to high-rise metropolises, weather that ranges from extremely hot to surprisingly chilly, and cuisine that has something for almost every palate. (Keep in mind that Brazil as a whole is almost as large as the United States, so traveling from city to city can take a few hours, even by plane. We made this list while focusing on Rio, but also considering attractions in other cities.)

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When May finally departs, you’ll have nine weeks left until the Opening Ceremonies, so here are nine reasons — totally unrelated to the Olympics — to visit Brazil this summer. Of course, if you actually do end up going to Rio in August, you might want to catch an event or two. I've heard it’s kind of a big deal.