The Hottest Travel Destination of the Year: Iceland!

Iceland is the place to go in 2016; here are 10 reasons why it ranks so high
The Hottest Travel Destination of the Year: Iceland!


Take a refreshing dip in the warm waters of Iceland's Blue Lagoon.

Now that we’re halfway through 2016, it’s clear that Iceland is one of the most popular travel destinations of the year. Tourists from all around the world are hopping on flights to this Scandinavian country, which can be reached from New York in about five hours, and from London in only three.

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For some background, Iceland’s area measures 40,000 square miles (just a bit smaller than Ohio), and the country has a population of about 330,000 people, making it the most sparsely populated country in Europe. Although Icelandic is still the primary language, many people speak English, so you should have no problem communicating. However, like in most foreign countries, it’s a good idea (and will be appreciated by residents) if you learn a few words or phrases in the local tongue.


As for the reasons behind Iceland’s top billing in 2016, we can’t say for certain why this year ended up being such a special year, but we can definitely say why Iceland is such a special country in general — which make the appeal quite obvious. Here are 10 reasons to visit Iceland, the hottest travel destination of 2016.