8 Countries You Didn't Know Have Amazing Beaches

Skip the usual suspects on your next beach getaway, and instead discover the sands of one of these unexpected countries
8 Countries You Didn't Know Have Amazing Beaches

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Turkish delight, Turkish baths, and Turkish...beaches? You bet.

When planning a beach trip, most travelers (especially Americans) will opt for the Caribbean or somewhere in Latin America. Additionally, the Mediterranean coast in Europe is popular with those down for a bit more distance, and real globetrotters will travel all the way to Fiji and other places in the South Pacific for some sun. But with all the coastlines in this world, why do we always pick from the same group of places? Isn’t there more out there?

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When you think about it, all you need for a good beach is warm weather, stretches of sand, plenty of sun, and comfortable surroundings, which is why and we searched the Earth for eight countries with beaches that offer all this and more. The catch, however, is that you probably wouldn’t consider the countries in this list as beach destinations, and most aren’t synonymous with the word “tropical” either.


When planning your next trip, consider booking a ticket to one of the following locations instead. They likely have tourist attractions and advantages of which you’re already aware, and now you know they also contain some amazing places to soak up the sun.