Foods That Will Make You Book a Flight to French Guiana

French Guiana is a place of beauty and delicious cuisine; learn more here

Check out the cuisine in French Guiana.


This overseas region of France lies on South America’s northeast coast, and attractions include Hattes Beach, a key nesting site for leatherback turtles, the Guiana Space Centre, where up to nine launches a year are visible from the rainforest or beach, and the Trésor Nature Reserve offers day and night trips, as well as boat tours.

But rainforests teeming with life and picturesque beaches aren’t the only aspects of French Guiana worth traveling for. The cuisine is unique but retains elements of Creole, Caribbean, South American, French, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Indonesian. Copious amounts of seafood, fresh vegetables, and fruit are characteristic of the area’s cuisine, as well as peppers and spices. And with this area being right on the Atlantic coastline, the seafood is extremely fresh.

According to USA Today, popular dishes in this region include fricassee, or rice and beans served with game meat like paca and tapir found in the forests. Another is bouillon d’aurora, or a medley of crab, chicken, smoked fish, prawns, and vegetables, as well as the aurora fruit found on savanna trees in the country. One especially versatile French Guianese recipe is roti, a flatbread made with salt and flour that can be eaten for breakfast, dinner, or any time in between. It can be stuffed or rolled around meat, cheese, potatoes, sugar, and whatever the cook’s heart desires.

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