Experience Stonehenge, Bath, and Pub Dining All in One Day

This 13-hour tour takes you to Britain’s finest attractions, with a pub lunch included

The Cotswolds is gonna go medieval on your trip!

London visitors wanting to see England’s more pastoral side might want to hop aboard City Wonder’s Stonehenge and Bath Tour, a fabulous 13-hour odyssey which includes an authentic British lunch in one of the country’s finest preserved villages.  

The tour starts bright and early from Central London in a comfortable private coach with a competent guide in tow. You’re then whisked some two-and-a-half-hours to Bath, a stunning, historically-rich city with Georgian buildings clad in honey-colored stone. Two hours for a first-time visitor is never enough, but your knowledgeable guide can usher you to some of the top sights —the architectural marvels Georgian Crescent and the Circus, and the legendary Roman Baths attraction (baths admission not included) — in under an hour.

Bath Cotswolds Henge

Travis Levius

Next is The Cotswolds, a beloved region known for its collection of intact medieval villages and an idyllic countryside setting. The tour brings you to perhaps the finest village of them all, Castle Combe, which is also the site for your authentic English pub lunch. The lunch host is fourteenth-century pub The White Hart, where you can feast on British scampi (batter-fried shrimp or langoustines) with fries, or chicken with melted Stilton (a popular British cheese) and mushrooms in a quintessential British dining room. You’ll have some time to walk off your meal discovering the village’s sites, including St. Andrew’s Church, quaint stone cottages, and the quiet ByBrook River flowing through the grounds. In the nearby Lacock village, you’ll get to experience the same thirteenth-century cobblestoned community that has hosted films such as Harry Potter and Pride & Prejudice.  

By mid-afternoon you’re off to the tour’s grand finale, Stonehenge, one of the world’s greatest prehistoric engineering mysteries. The tour covers your admission and shuttle transport to the centerpiece attraction, the Stone Circle, a 4,500-year-old marvel of 25-ton Sarsen stones laid in astronomy-compatible arrangements. The new state-of-the-art exhibition center provides an in-depth look into the history, theories, and essential artifacts which provide insight to the life and times of a Neolithic Stonehenge.

Bath Cotswolds Henge

Travis Levius

Having covered much wondrous ground in a day (and a few hours to snooze on the coach), you’ll return to Central London before dinnertime, satisfied from a full day tour featuring some of the best of Britain.  


Current tour rates are £95.20 ($136.00) for adults, £87.20 ($125.00) for children.