In Defense of All-Inclusive Resorts (Slideshow)

Sandals Resorts leading the rediscovery of taste

Piton Mountains

The most distinctive landmark of the island, these mountains both frame and anchor the islands. Visitors can hike up the mountains but since there are no marked trails, a guided hike is highly recommended.


When in St. Lucia, a visit to the other parts of the island is a must. Sandals is located in the north, but toward the South are the town and several estates. This is a view from the estate that Sandals arranges a tour of that is bio-diverse and has a chocolate factory within.

The Beach

The beaches on the Sandals properties are stunningly beautiful with clean, gentle waters that beckon you to swim in them. Access is right outside the room and an absolutely peaceful walk along these quiet beaches is very possible at all times of the day.

Culinary Ambassador

Chef Walter Staib is the culinary ambassador to Sandals Resorts. A four-time Emmy Award-winner, he holds cooking demonstrations on the properties showcasing the bounty of fresh produce on the islands and how they can be converted to gourmet experiences even at home.

Live Music

Sitting by the water, illuminated by candles, music played by the locals was the perfect accompaniment for the first evening’s dinner at the property.

Hors d'Oeuvres

Each evening there are several passed dishes served at the Sandals Resorts. These small bites are a lovely start to the evening dining program and some of them quite exquisite.


The island has plentiful coconut trees. Coconut water is one of nature’s most nutrient-rich drinks and a cure for several maladies ranging from upset stomachs to dehydration as well as a nutrient source for diabetics. Nothing compares to the experience of having a young coconut sliced in front you, sipping the cooling liquid on a hot Caribbean afternoon and the pleasure of devouring the soft tender coconut flesh.

Local Exports

St. Lucia grows some of the best spices and cocoa in the world. As part of the discovery tour, Sandals arranges a visit to the local market where you can buy vanilla pods, bunches of cinnamon barks, and tubes of unprocessed cocoa. The cocoa sticks can be grated at home to make cocoa powder for a variety of uses.

Local Produce

During the St. Lucia lunch, residents can enjoy unlimited quantities of splendid seafood including succulent lobsters grilled as well as exotic dishes such as goat testicles and cow feet.

The Town of St. Lucia

The "downtown" part of the island is located to the south and is rich in culture. Fishing is common in these parts both for trade as well as consumption. On a hot afternoon, guests can find fishermen relaxing by their boats in the shade waiting for the sun to go down and the tide to come in.