This Cruise Ship Will Have A Go-Cart Track On The Top 2 Decks

A cruise can be one of the most stress-free and relaxing vacations, even when you're taking along the entire family. However, that doesn't mean there can't be some thrills on the ship. Cruise ships have been known to have entire mini-water parks, with big slides and wave pools, zip lining, rock climbing, and even indoor skydiving. (And of course, the thrills of the buffet!)

Now, Norwegian Cruise Line is taking it a step further with the launch of its Norwegian Joy this past summer and the upcoming Norwegian Bliss, both of which feature entire go-cart tracks on their top decks.

Serving the cruise line's Chinese clientele, the Norwegian Joy was but a pre-cursor to the Norwegian Bliss' magic. The North America-based Bliss will take its older sister ship's joy further by adding another level to its race track, resulting in the longest race track on the sea. Rather than just the top deck, both of its top two decks will make up the racing track, resulting in a course that is 1,000 feet long, 40 percent longer than the Norwegian Joy's track.

Passengers can race each other in electric go-carts with four speed settings for drivers at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The cars can go up to 30 miles per hour and even have a "turbo boost" on each lap around the track. The carts are also completely silent so as not to disturb the peaceful vacation of the other vacationers on the 4,000-passenger ship.

The Norwegian Bliss is set to set sail in November 2018, but in the meantime you can always consider another cruise or even an all-inclusive resort if you're looking to take some time off before then!