The Craziest Hot Chocolates in America

Try to recreate these crazy hot chocolate recipes right at home
hot chocolate


This is a hot chocolate you need to enjoy this winter.

Everyone loves hot chocolate. You can go the traditional route and add marshmallows, whipped cream, or cinnamon on top. You can even find a cold “hot” chocolate drink at some of your favorite establishments, create a hot chocolate smoothie, or have a shake.

While those creations are great for summer, when winter comes you want you want a true hot chocolate drink that is warm and sweet. You can make your favorite cup right at home or go out and try one of these weirdly delicious and boozy recipes.

The Caramel Corn at Murdock’s Café, Park City, Utah

Ever had freshly popped popcorn added to your hot chocolate? Try it out at Murdock’s Café, where the staff adds caramel corn on top of your hot chocolate that has been steeped in cream and sugar. The delicious popcorn gets put right on top of whipped cream for a crazy and delicious concoction.

Garam Masala Hot Chocolate at Chauhan Ale & Masala House, Nashville

At Chauhan Ale & Masala House, they have a hot chocolate drink that is infused with garam masala, which adds great spice to a traditional hot chocolate recipe.

Ginger Spice Hot Cocoa at RedFarm, NYC

This Asian restaurant adds freshly grated ginger, ginseng extract, honey blossom, and vanilla to create a spicy hot chocolate recipe that is similar to chocolate chip cookies in a cup.