Beyond Pie: 17 Ways the World Cooks with Pumpkin (Slideshow)

Around the world, pumpkin is used all year in soups, stews, pastries, and pastas

Beyond Pie: 17 Ways the World Cooks with Pumpkin

We can’t stop thinking about all the recipes we’ll make with pumpkin this fall. Beyond bread, lattes, and pie, people around the world are cooking with pumpkin, too.

Challaw Kadu — Afghanistan

Pumpkin is the main ingredient in challaw kadu, an Afghan dish that consists of roasted pumpkin cubes topped with yogurt and meat (ground beef or lamb) sauce, with a side of basmati rice.

Pumpkin Seed Muesli — Australia

Muesli — a breakfast dish or snack made of raw oats mixed with milk or yogurt and ingredients like fruit, seeds, and nuts — is popularly topped with pumpkin seeds in Australia.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Soup — Austria

Austria’s traditional cream of pumpkin soup, called Kürbiscremesuppe, is made with pumpkin seed oil.

Shrimp in a Pumpkin — Brazil

Brazilians serve a creamy shrimp stew, known as camarão na moranga, which translates to “shrimp in a pumpkin,” year-round at dinner parties, special occasions, and holidays.

Pumpkin Turnovers — Germany

Cinnamon-spiced pumpkin turnovers are a traditional German dessert.

Pumpkin Curry — India

In India, pumpkin sweetens a traditional curry, kaddu ki sabzi. 

Borani Kadhu — Iran

Iranians cook a sweet and savory pumpkin dish known as borani kadhu. To prepare it, pumpkin is cooked in sweet tomato sauce and onion gravy and is seasoned with spices.

Stuffed Pumpkin — Israel

Pumpkin stuffed with couscous and vegetables is a traditional dish prepared for Sukkot in Israel.

Pumpkin Ravioli — Italy

In the land of pasta, pumpkin-filled ravioli or pot-belly-shaped pansotti is a beloved regional dish.

Pumpkin Korroke — Japan

Japanese-style croquettes (korroke) are made with a kabocha squash, a pumpkin relative.

Candied Pumpkin — Mexico

Candied pumpkin, or calabaza en tacha, is a traditional Mexican dish made for el Dia de Los Muertos. Sliced pumpkin is cooked in brown sugar cane syrup until it’s tender and sweet.

Pumpkin and Lentil Stew — Morocco

In Morocco, pumpkin is cooked in a stew with lentils and often lamb.

Pumpkin Soup — Netherlands

A warm pompoensoep — the word is pronounced like "pumpkin soup" — is what the Dutch eat when it’s cold outside.

Ginataan Kalabasa — Philippines

Filipinos like to cook pumpkin in coconut milk for a creamy vegetable dish they call ginataang kalabasa.

Pumpkin Millet Porridge — Russia

In severe winters, Russians warm up with a bowl of pumpkin millet porridge.

Pumpkin Fritters — South Africa

Served either as a side dish or as a dessert, pumpkin fritters are enjoyed as a sweet or salty treat in South Africa.

Pumpkin Gnocchi — Switzerland

In Switzerland, gnocchi are made with pumpkin instead of the traditional potato.