Best Restaurants in Sochi (Slideshow)

For those traveling to the Olympic Games this year, we’ve uncovered the best restaurants in Sochi

10) Vodopadi Lozadi

Sochi is a stone’s throw from the Georgia border, a country whose cuisine can be found in restaurants such as Vodopadi Lozadi. Sample dishes such as stuffed eggplant or lamb kebabs, while enjoying live music from Georgian bands.

9) Black Magnolia

Located in the luxury Grand Hotel and Spa Rodina, Black Magnolia is a dinner-only restaurant serving high-end Mediterranean cuisine. The expensive, but high quality, food and wine is at home in the opulent Art Deco interior. Take special note of the fish and shellfish dishes

8) Stolovaya No 17

A relic from the days of the Soviet Union, this buffet-style canteen serves tasty Russian classics like chicken kiev. Like at its sister restaurant in Moscow, diners help themselves to the cheap but good-value options at the counter, then enjoy it all at tables donned with plastic tablecloths and aluminum silverware. 

7) Café Natasha’s

Hearty portions of Georgian dishes can be had at this homey, sidewalk café. Try the khachapuri (cheese bread), or chanakhi (meat stew). Save room for one of the many cakes or flakey pastries. You’ll get a lot for your money here, as prices are reasonable and the servings generous.

6) La Terrazza

This family-run restaurant serves Italian food to an affluent clientele. Specialties include homemade pastas and fresh seafood dishes, and key ingredients like parmesan are imported directly from Italy. The service is on the ball, and the restaurant offers special touches such as cooking classes for children and adults. 

5) Ne Goryuy

A favorite among both locals and foreign tourists, Ne Goryuy is one of the best of the seaport restaurants serving Georgian cuisine. Don’t miss the chakhokhbily, chicken in a garlicky red sauce. Pair your meal with one of the many Georgian or Kuban wines. 

4) Sinee More

This beachfront restaurant specializes in seafood imported from Europe or caught fresh in the nearby Black Sea. Expect high prices, but you’ll get what you pay for with the attentive service and breathtaking views.

3) Amshenski Dvor

Outside of town on the coast, the popular Amshenski Dvor serves Armenian cuisine in a courtyard shaded by grapevines. Try specialties such as mamaligia (cornmeal porridge), stuffed grape leaves, or fried egg and cheese on lavash bread. 

2) Brigantina Café

Owned by a family originally hailing from Nice, Brigantina Café exudes the Mediterranean atmosphere of the Cote d’Azur. Dine on standout fresh seafood dishes while overlooking the Black Sea from the outdoor terrace or one of the many floor-to-ceiling windows. 

1) Belye Nochi

Belye Nochi is a favorite among in-the-know locals and even Putin. It’s famous for its kinkali, large meat-filled dumplings, and other specialties of nearby Georgia. The moderate prices make this café a winner in a city vying for attention from the well-heeled crowd.