Epic July 4th Celebrations

The Most Epic Fourth of July Celebrations in America

Patriotic parties across the country

Many countries celebrate an Independence Day, but there’s no country that goes quite as hard as the United States of America. Americans tend to be quite proud of their relatively short history, and on July Fourth, millions gather around the country to celebrate the nation’s 1776 independence with fantastic parades, patriotic ceremonies, the best hot dogs, and all kinds of red, white, and blue treats, decorations, and attire.

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Of course, some towns have a more intense celebration than others, so we took a patriotic road trip to find the best Independence Day parties across the country. Some are predictably large cities with either historic ties to the American Revolution or simply large populations ready to party, whereas others are small towns with an impressive showing of patriotism, creativity, and attendance. Each has their own style and adds a bit of their local flavor to the festivities, but all show a great love for their country and an enthusiasm for pyrotechnics and delicious all-American food. If you’re looking for a place to honor the history and culture of America, the best places to go are these towns with the most epic Fourth of July celebrations.