Art Smith’s 12 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road Slideshow

1. Watch Those Snack Packs

While the idea behind 100 Calorie Packs is to focus on portion control, chef Art Smith points out that it is easy to eat a few of them, which racks up the calorie count.

2. What to Pack: Apple

"One of the easiest and cleanest things to eat on the road is an apple," said Smith, who likes SweeTango apples, which are a cross between Honeycrisp and Zestar! varieties.

3. What to Pack: Almonds

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Smith admits it’s easy to be tempted to buy bagged snacks at the airport, so he packs his own bagged snack: almonds.

4. Avoid Energy Bars

Packing portable snacks that travel well may make travelers less likely to purchase processed food, but Smith advises to avoid energy bars, which are high in calories, and opt for fruits or vegetables instead.

5. What to Pack: Oatmeal

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"It’s not just for breakfast," said Smith, who packs oatmeal packets and eats them on the airplane.

6. What to Pack: Raw Vegetables

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Smith likes to pack carrots, celery, or cherry tomatoes — or all three — when he hits the road.

7. What to Pack: Cheese

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While Smith won’t take cheese on a plane, he does pack some for car rides.

8. What to Pack: Water

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Staying hydrated is key when traveling, especially on airplanes, and the best thing to drink to stay hydrated is water, said Smith.

"Do not drink calories," said Smith, who notes that some people who feel hungry may actually just be dehydrated.

9. Drink Before Dinner

When he travels, family and friends are perennially serving Smith food. To keep from overeating and overindulging, Smith drinks water before each meal, which helps fill him up.

10. Eat Salad

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Smith starts his lunches and dinners with a big salad, which not only ensures he is eating vegetables, but also helps fill him up before the main course. His favorites are salads with nuts, apples, or grapes.

11. Order Sides (and Share!)

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"I love sides," said Smith, who prefers to share them. Mac and cheese is one of his favorites. Smith suggests ordering a smaller plate of something decadent so travelers can try local fare without overindulging.

12. Order Fish and Lean Meat

When ordering main courses, Smith opts for fish, chicken, and lean meats with vegetables like broccoli rabe. While he is a fan of dessert (and fried chicken), he doesn’t eat them every day and suggests travelers should do the same.