Is This America's Best Hotel Restaurant?

Is This America's Best Hotel Restaurant?

The Bazaar is a gastronomic journey.

The past couple of decades have seen a transformation in the hotel dining scene in a positive way. Hotel restaurants in Europe, Asia, America, South America, and the Middle East have stepped up their game to offer diners – both locals and tourists alike – a memorable dining experience.

For the third year in a row, The Daily Meal sought to recognize hotel restaurants that have proven themselves as truly remarkable culinary destinations with our ranked list of 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World.

Our list was carefully curated; we considered the winners and nominees from the 2013 list of best hotel restaurants; consulted the Michelin Guide and other trusted sources for further recommendations; and drew hotel restaurants from our annual lists of The 101 Best Restaurants in AsiaThe 101 Best Restaurants in Europe, and The 101 Best Restaurants in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Bazaar is a gastronomic journey through chef Andrés' celebrated culinary styles. It is composed of four adjoining bars and eateries: Bar Centro, Rojo y Blanca, Patisserie, and SAAM. At Bar Centro, Andrés has crafted a menu of cutting-edge cocktails, including one of the bar's signature cocktails, "Smoke on the Water," a "smoking" cocktail made with blackberries and Scotch. Rojo y Blanca offers an array of Spanish-style tapas for sharing, and the Patisserie serves pastries and sweet treats like cookies, cakes, and candies. SAAM, the restaurant's exclusive chef's tasting room, gives guests the chance to feast on a multicourse avant-garde tasting menu. Currently SAAM is featuring its third annual White Truffle Series. The 16-course dinner unearths the flavors of the truffle through the playful imagination and vision of Jose Andres' culinary team and runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until November 22.

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