9 Food Destinations For The Solo Traveler

When you travel alone, you become more of an explorer than a traveler. It's one of the best feelings in the world. Your mind expands, your confidence swells, and you learn to take your time processing natural, historic, and cultural sights. Here are nine excellent destinations for solo — and hungry — travelers.

9 Food Destinations for the Solo Traveler (Slideshow)

To compile this list, we considered a number of different factors. Cities with lots of excellent street food options, such as Bankok and Melbourne, are shoo-ins, because street food is ideally suited for someone who doesn't need a place to sit and chat for a while (and for the person who wants to enjoy authentic, safe, and wallet-friendly food). Then, we took into account the safety factor — which is especially important for solo female travelers — and each city's infrastructure, to measure how easy it is to get around in a particular place.

We went on to consider whether there are attractions offered in each city, such as museums, that a traveler can enjoy without company. It is liberating to linger in front of a particular Van Gogh that really speaks to you without being ushered on by an impatient companion. Beyond sights, we looked for places where one could enjoy a serene, peaceful experience that might provide much-needed alone time, as well as places where it is easy for travelers to meet fellow travelers. There's a reason solo travelers get along so well; they're all looking to discover something new, interesting, and fun.

Everybody needs some time away from everyday life to think — or not think at all, but simply feel. You don't have to coordinate dates around anybody else's schedule, so travel to one of these mouth-watering destinations today.


Rent a bike and explore this beautiful city at your own sweet pace. Walk through the Albert Cuyp Market and eat some aged Gouda, a stroopwafel, or some raw herring. We recommend staying at a boutique hostel, such as Cocomama, where you can connect with fellow travelers without being surrounded by wild college kids studying abroad.


Bangkok is full of serene Buddhist temples, floating markets, open-minded backpackers, friendly locals (it's not the "Land of Smiles" for no reason), and, most importantly, fantastic street food — which you can discover via an award-winning food tour or on your own.